Friday, May 3, 2013

Disney Resources...first of many posts.

Happy Friday!!

I've been busy booking clients for the summer with Disney's incredible Monstrous Summer Rates, so I've not had a chance to post much on the blog.

Today, I wanted to give you all a bit of a start to help you plan your vacation.  As I mentioned in a previous post, there is no shortage of reference materials related to all things Disney, from guidebooks to TV shows, to DVD's to travel professional, like myself.

Of course, your first step should be speaking with a professional.  We have all been trained by Disney to offer superior customer service, information, and vacation pricing, and are all very happy to do it.  Look for the Authorized Disney Vacation Professional logo at your local travel agent or online.  When you see it, you'll be comforted to know that you are working with a Disney professional.

Another great source of information is the Disney planning DVD direct from  You can order it after you create an account and enter your shipping information.  It's, of course, a DVD designed to show you just the highlights and benefits of a Disney vacation, but it will, at the very least, provide you with a good starting point for your vacation and start you on your list of questions for either Disney directly or your travel professional.

Books are everywhere about Disney, but my favorites are still the Passporter Books by Jennifer, Dave, and Allison Marx.  Their website is also quite amazing, having travel information for Disney World, Disneyland, beyond Disney, and Disney Cruises.  Additionally, they have an amazing forum on their site...but I'll get to that below in a minute.  Other great sources include Fodors, Frommers, Hidden Disney, Birnbaums Guides, and The Unofficial Guide (but, as I've said before, there are comedic entries in the Unofficial guide, so don't trust everything).  Look for any of these at your local bookstore.

The internet is probably the best source these days, with various sites, forums, and information sources that are available to anyone.  Each of the book sources I listed above has an online version (Passporter even has their books available as Ebooks so you can take them with you on your favorite tablet device).  Additionally,,, and are some of the sources I use frequently to get user generated advice and tips.  Many times, you can find these sites will provide you with special pins and codes for extra percentages off, as well as tips to make the most of your vacation.

There are many more, and I'll probably review some later on, but that should get everyone started.  Explore the options.  Most people think of Disney as a once in a lifetime opportunity, as the costs appear to be very high.  The truth is, it's no higher than any other comparable trip, and the memories will last a lifetime.  If you've never been to Disney, you truly don't know what you are missing.  If you've been, you can't wait to go back.  If you're like me, you are already planning your next visit to the Most Magical Place on Earth!!

Have a great weekend, and until next time, Have a Magical Day and always search for your Enchantment Destination!!


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