Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Am I tall enough, Mom??

So, my daughter is almost 6, but she's been going to Disney since she was 2...actually she turned 2 the day we left the first time with her to Disney, so she's a Disney veteran like myself.  One thing we've had to learn (and with some disappointment at times) is which rides are appropriate, height wise, for her and our other cousins/friends who have come with us. 

Today, I wanted to share a chart that has been floating around among Disney bloggers, travel planners, and Disney Professionals.  It's pictured below, and it has all the height requirements for all the rides at Disney World that have them.  Boy...would this have been helpful before!

The first question I've been asked about this is "Where are all the other rides?  That's not all that Disney has!!"  You're right...there are plenty of other magical rides at Disney...but those don't have height requirements...just hop on and go!

Anyway, enjoy, and use to your liking! 

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