Monday, March 18, 2013


Welcome to my Blog!

I am a self-proclaimed Disney Freak...well, Disney SUPER Freak, actually.  I absolutely love all things Disney!   My love affair started a long time ago, but recently had a bloom with my daughter, and seeing the magic of Disney through her eyes.  She's 5 now, going on 16, but she still lights up when she sees a character, a favorite movie, or sings a song.  I love that!

I'm starting this blog to help provide some information for those who are fellow Disney Freaks such as myself, or for those who have never felt the Disney magic.  I've visited the parks and resorts many times, and through those times, my family and I have learned a lot about how to maximize the Magic, and minimize the stress.  Nothing that I write here is concrete, nor is it the end-all-be-all for a particular situation.  It's simply the best way we've found to do certain things (through trial and error...LOTS of error!), and we hope to pass that along to you!

We also want to show that the magic of a Disney vacation isn't outside of the reach of ANYBODY!  We believe that every person can have a great experience at Disney, whether that's with or without your children, grand children, or even great grand children.  You can have a magical experience whether you are pinching pennies, or have an unlimited budget.  You can have the vacation of a lifetime whether or not you are a ride person, a show person, a character person, or a food person.  Disney is one of the best vacation destinations you can find to fit any person's personality, and we want to show everyone how to do it!

I hope you enjoy my weekly posts and articles.  As this blog progresses, I'm sure there will be different versions that are up.  Please follow me and suggest anything that you would like to see.  I love speaking with other fellow Disney Freaks, and I welcome your ideas and suggestions!

Until our next meeting, Have a Magical Day, and remember to Always Think Happy Thoughts!


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